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Our mission at Culturally Responsive Solutions, LLC (CRS) is to deliver expertly trained, culturally proficient, context-specific AI tools and software applications at the nexus of research and human development across the PreK to Gray spectrum.

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Culturally Responsive Large Language Model™ (CRLLM™)

The Culturally Responsive Large Language Model™ (CRLLM™), funded by the NSF SBIR Program, is developed by CRS, LLC. Trained for Cultural Proficiency© across diverse contexts, it serves as a versatile, copyright-protected AI tool for research, education, and software development, fostering innovation in advanced analytics that harness the power of qualitative data.

VSorts AI™

VSorts AI™, R&D funded by the NSF SBIR Program, revolutionizes qualitative data collection, management, and analysis, streamlining the workflow for researchers and educators. Our user-friendly solution empowers users to efficiently leverage valuable insights with our Cultural Proficiency© AI CoPilots, setting a new standard for advanced analytics in research, human development, and other vertical markets.

NSF Phase I funded project: CRLLM™ and VSorts™ AI Learn more about CRS ->
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Dwayne Ray Cormier, Ph.D. Founder and CEO


Dwayne Ray Cormier, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Culturally Responsive Solutions, LLC, is a visionary leader with a diverse background. His journey includes roles as a middle school science teacher and assistant professor at a Research 1 University. Dr. Cormier's educational path led him through historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), where he earned a BA in Psychology from Edward Waters College, an M.Ed in Sports and Leisure Management from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and an MAT in Middle School Science and Mild to Moderate Special Education from Xavier University of Louisiana. He was recognized as an NSF Noyce Middle School Science Teacher Fellow at Xavier.

Dr. Cormier's academic journey culminated with a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Pennsylvania State University, emphasizing Curriculum and Supervision. His extensive knowledge of culturally responsive praxis and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) has made him a recognized expert in the field. Driven by his passion for advancing education and technology, he spearheaded the development of VSorts™—a groundbreaking AI platform for qualitative data analysis in the Advanced Analytics industry.

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